• Jarecki DPF service - Regeneration of DPF filters using FSX system
  • +48 667 401 172 / 609 830 433
  • jarecki.trucks@o2.pl

Jarecki DPF service - Cleaning and regeneration of DPF filters using the FSX system

Our service is an AUTHORIZED US FSX POINT!

Description of the JareckiDPFserwis company

We are a professional, dynamically developing company. We mainly clean and regenerate DPF particulate filters in all vehicles meeting the Euro 6 standard (trucks, construction machinery, buses).

We work on a professional FSX system (recommended by VOLVO and RENAULT TRUCKS). The machines that we have as the only ones meet all the requirements and standards for filter regeneration.

  • Regeneration of DPF using FSX system
  • Professional and modern equipment
  • Restoring full filter cleanliness and repairing minor defects
  • Full documentation of filter regeneration - before, during and after cleaning
  • Reliable performance at a low cost

Do you have a problem with the DPF particulate filter?

Contact us! We clean and regenerate DPF in trucks and construction machinery