Both FSX equipment and the cleaning process are tested and approved by the main manufacturer (OEM). FSX cleaning equipment has been proven to provide the best results among all available on the market. Our cleaning process will NOT damage the ceramic substrate, nor will it catalyze the coating.

We will test your filter in every cleaning process. FSX measuring equipment is state-of-the-art and provides precise diagnosis for airflow and micro pore performance.

All cleaning results of your filter are saved in a database and compared with OEM specifications - the results are available to you. Filters can be delivered to our company headquarters, you can also send us a filter using carriers such as UPS, Fed-ex or truck transport. We guarantee professionalism and competitive prices!

  • Cleaning the DPF filter - 1199 PLN (PROMOTIONAL PRICE! *)
  • Filter removal and installation - 249 PLN (the price applies to Volvo and Renault vehicles)**

* The promotional price does not include thermal firing
** At OT Full (Volvo or Renault) service, disassembly and assembly of DPF for regeneration is FREE!